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~Paul Shane Spear

Friday, October 31, 2014

Birthday Girl: Little House On The Prairie Birthday Party

I can't believe Ally turned ten years old recently! Where does the time go? It seems like it was yesterday that we celebrated her 1st birthday and now she is ten.
Looking back at the last ten years I can definitely say that my daughter has taught me so much about life and has made me the person I am today. She has brought me more happiness than I ever thought imaginable. She has touched so many lives in our community by just being the sweet, caring and amazing girl she is.She is making the world a better place one person at a time. 

 One year old

The birthday girl

Ten years old

 One of Ally's favorite movies is Little House On The Prairie.  She also loves the Little House On The Prairie book series. We have worked on some Literature Units with the book series during school , and she watches the show all the time. So we decided to have a Little House On The Prairie Birthday Party. It was so much fun and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

Her Pappy Neal made the kids a covered wagon to ride in....they enjoyed it so much!!

All the children were given 10 pennies to spend at the Mercantile...decisions, decisions, decisions!

The children made homemade butter to eat with their homemade bread...yummy!

Making homemade butter was so much fun. All the kids butter turned out great!

 Our little Laura Ingalls

Indian Territory

One activity the kids really enjoyed at the party was washing clothes in the wash tub with the old time wash board and then hanging them on the clothes line.

They all got a  history lesson on washing clothes during the prairie days.

Ally washing clothes

Her brother, the bad guy ,chasing the covered wagon

The kids made corn husk dolls

Sack racing was a huge hit..the kids had a blast, and so did the adults!

Justin and Jacob starting the camp fire for the evening.

 Unwrapping her gifts under the tee pee her dad made for her.

The evening ended with birthday cake and pies for dessert by the oil lamps.

It was a wonderful evening spent with family and friends. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!


  1. Hands down the BEST Birthday party theme I have ever seen!! Everything looked so incredible! Happy 10th B-Day to Alley, she's such a beautiful little girl :)

  2. Thank you Jenny. It really was a fun party and the kids had a great time.


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