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~Paul Shane Spear

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Beautiful Wedding at The Natural Bridge

Beautiful bride......beautiful day......beautiful wedding!! The wedding was held at The Natural Bridge in Virginia's beautiful Shenandoah Valley on May 27th.
  It was such an amazing day with all of our loved ones. Ally did a fabulous job as flower girl.....she did get tired toward the end of the ceremony and decided to sit down quietly beside the maid of honor and watch as her older brother married the love of his life. The ceremony was so touching. As soon as Justin saw Katelyn come down the aisle he got very emotional and I believe my husband (who was Justin's best man) cried through most of the ceremony and made everyone else cry :) I didn't know it was going to be such an emotional day for him. Scott is such an amazing father and he loves his children so much. He couldn't even get through the toast without getting all choked up :)

There are no words to describe how beautiful the ceremony was.  Katelyn and Justin are two wonderful people and I know they will have a beautiful life together!!

 I borrowed some pictures from some family members so I could post a few. We are still waiting on the professional pictures to be finished. I'm looking forward to having some pictures of Scott and I with Justin and Katelyn.

Natural Bridge Hotel...this is where everyone stayed.  The reception was held in the ball room in the hotel.

The rehearsal dinner was held outside under the Summer House.

My mother with her sisters at the rehearsal dinner.

Some of the groomsmen getting ready to seat people.

Introducing Mr and Mrs. Justin Neal

Justin with his cousin Levi.

Leaving for the Tennessee Mountains!

Jacob (our youngest son) with Sierra (Katelyn's sister).

Decorating the car.

Heading to the bridge to get married :)

Alan (our oldest son) and Jessica (Katelyn's cousin).

You may now kiss the bride!!

Justin patiently waiting to head down to the bridge........

Ally teaching everyone some dance moves!


Ally and Ryan (Justin's best friend) relaxing by the water at the rehearsal dinner.

Our niece (Grace) and nephew (Luke) having a great time!

 Matt (our nephew) and Amy (Katelyn's cousin).

Ally taking a little rest during the ceremony :) I love this picture of her!!

The canoe was filled with beverages for the reception...such a cute idea!


  1. wow what a beautiful location, such a perfect day Miss A was gorgeous as usual

  2. Everything looks so beautiful!!!


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